Preserve History The NFT Collection

Preserve History is James Massacci’s first NFT collection. It uses the blockchain, in a new and novel way, to protect moments of history from censorship and coercion. Each single edition piece of art represents a critically important part of our shared human history. Collectors can mint these pieces and become their guardians, giving them permanence for all future generations to see.

Minting goes live November 2021.

Meet Massacci

James Massacci is one of today’s most captivating visual artists. His 15 years of canvas and physical art can be found in private collections and galleries around the world.


James Massacci has been interviewed on major networks and featured in national publications.

Valley Spotlight

ABC morning show Sacramento

CBS morning show Illinois

NBC morning show Tennessee

Featured in

“I’m really exited how NFT art allows collectors and artists to connect directly and build community. I am looking forward to meeting everyone!”  – James Massacci

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